Established in 1996, Foreign Workers' Medical Examination Monitoring Agency (FOMEMA) was awarded the concession to manage, monitor and supervise a mandatory health and medical screening programme for all foreign workers employed in the country.

FOMEMA is the pioneer in providing medical examination for foreign workers in Malaysia. As the demand for foreign workers rises, FOMEMA grows in terms of size and the scope of services, with 7 regional branches, 4 appointed agents in Peninsular Malaysia and 1 agent in Labuan.

The company was a subsidiary of Khazanah Nasional Berhad, the Malaysian Government's investment arm until late 2011, when it was divested to the private sector as part of the Malaysian Government's business liberalisation programme. 

FOMEMA manages and monitors more than one million medical examinations annually on foreign workers in the country. As for 2014, the company utilises an extensive panel of medical service providers nationwide with more than 4, 000 numbers of clinics, X-ray centres and medical laboratories to conduct physical examinations, X-ray and laboratory tests stipulated by its medical screening programme.

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