Medical Screening Process

The system is designed and managed by medical professionals with high-level domain expertise in public health, occupational health, radiology, laboratory services and other related specialties.

The System

The main features of our system are:

  • A centralised registration and payment system with standard fees.
  • Employers' choice of the registered doctor for their foreign workers' medical examination.
  • A standardised medical examination based on a format as stipulated by the Ministry of Health.
  • Medical certifications of the suitability of foreign workers for employment in Malaysia as based on criteria set by the Ministry of Health
  • Monitored and supervised medical examinations through IT surveillance and inspectorate activities.
  • Medical reports from doctors, X-ray facilities and laboratories are submitted independently and electronically to FOMEMA.
  • Re-transmissions of medical status of foreign workers are transmitted electronically to Immigration Department Headquarters to facilitate issuance of work pass or deportation.

Benefit to the employer

  • A healthier workforce in the country.
  • Prevention of the spread of identified communicable diseases to other workers or the family and children.
  • Increased productivity through a reduction in absenteeism due to illness. Lower incidence of imported diseases and lower morbidity and mortality due to less communicable diseases.
  • A standard medical fee with no compromise on quality with a greatly reduced level of abuse of the medical examination procedure.
  • A reduction in healthcare cost to employers, taxpayers and the Government as a result of a healthier foreign workforce leading to a better use of local public health facilities for the citizens.
  • Transmission of medical results are transmitted independently and electronically, thus averting physical handling or tampering of medical reports by employers or agents thus ensuring integrity of the health-screening system.
  • Centralised electronic transmission of results to facilitate the employers' application or renewal of their foreign workers' permit in a timely manner.
  • Access for the Government authorities to a centralised database, providing timely information and vital statistics relating to communicable diseases to facilitate immediate counter-action and prevention activities.

Format of medical examination

The medical examination must be carried out within 30 days from the date of registration.

Details of medical examination covered under our system as stipulated by the Ministry of Health are as follows:

Medical History On:

HIV/AIDS Tuberculosis Leprosy Viral Hepatitis
Psychiatric Illnesses Epilepsy Cancer Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Malaria Hypertension Heart Diseases Bronchial Asthma
Diabetes Mellitus Peptic Ulcer Kidney Diseases ... and others

Physical Examination:

General Examination, to take note of:

Height and Weight Pulse Rate and Blood Pressure

Last Menstrual Period (LMP for female

Chronic Skin Rash Anaesthetic Skin Patch Deformities of Limbs
Anaemia Jaundice Lymph Node Enlargement
Vision Test Hearing Ability ... and others

Systems Examination of:

Cardiovascular System Respiratory System
Gastrointestinal System Nervous System
Mental Status Genitourinary System

Laboratory Tests:

Blood Test

For blood grouping (A,B, AB, or O and Rh)

For HIV, Hepatitis B, VDRL and Malaria

Urine Tests

For colour, specific gravity, sugar, albumin and microscopic examination

For opiates, cannabis and pregnancy (for female)


X-ray Examination:

Chest X-ray Physical examination of the foreign worker must be carried out first before chest X-ray examination.

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